About Us

Welcome to Iowa Blue Farm. We are a small woman owned and family operated farm in Owatonna, Minnesota. We are located in southern Minnesota close to the Iowa border and we have a shipping fulfillment warehouse in Minneapolis. 

Iowa Blue Farm grows and harvests black soldier fly larvae. We feed our grubs craft beer spent grains, coffee, and Minnesota apples. We upcycle food waste and lower the carbon footprint at the same time. Yes, Iowa Blue Farm really cares about the environment. Our mission is to leave this world better than we found it. Protein and calcium-rich Black Soldier Flies can help us do that. Using Black Soldier Flies to eliminate food waste and using the frass ( the grubs waste ) to regenerate farm soil at this scale is an ecological game changer. 

An acre of land used to raise Black Soldier Fly colonies can produce over 130,000 pounds of protein per year, according to various peer-reviewed estimates. That’s several orders of magnitude greater than the per-acre protein yield of cattle (about 40 pounds), soybeans (950 pounds) or chickens (1,800 pounds).

The Black Soldier Fly larvae consume materials that would otherwise be placed in landfills, converting them to biomass as protein and fat. In as little as two weeks, these larvae eat enough to grow to over 15,000 times larger than when they hatched from their eggs.


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