100% American made all natural chicken treats & organic whole grain feed

Superfood Grubs

When we offered our Black Soldier Fly grubs to the backyard chickens, our protein-packed, calcium-rich superfood delighted them. The protein-rich grubs produce healthy feathers and the calcium makes stronger eggshells.

Chickens aren’t the only animals in love with our grubs, oven dried Black Soldier Fly larvae are a great supplemental feeder for your reptiles. Unlike crickets and mealworms, they do not require dusting with calcium powder as they are naturally a good source of calcium. Bearded dragons, geckos, and chameleons are some of our biggest fans.

Black Soldier Fly larvae are an all-natural, sustainable source of protein. Our grubs contain key amino acids such as lysine ( building block of protein ) and methionine ( plays a role in many cell functions ) that are used as livestock and aquaculture feed additives. Iowa Blue Farm grubs are produced using state-of-the-art indoor vertical farming methods. This results in high yield, minimal environmental impact, significantly reduce water usage, and lower greenhouse gas emissions.

Customer Testimonials

"I got a monthly subscription and it literally changed my life. I spent years lugging heavy bags of feed from the store to my truck and back home. Now Iowa Blue delivers to my doorstep. Love everything about it."

Jennifer - Oregon

"OMG - my hens love Iowa Blue Grubs. Free fast shipping - Highly recommended"

Cathy - Nebraska

"It is obviously quality feed. My girls LOVE it. I can hear them pecking away at it and they don't peck through it and shove any out of the feeder...they eat it ALL! It is more expensive than regular feed, but there is no waste, so it is comparable. Be sure to take any dust, add water,, and they will devour that,, too!!! This will be their main feed...please never stop making it!"

Deborah - California

Iowa Blue Farm subscriptions are an automatic way of getting your treats and feed delivered on your schedule. No obligation. No drama. You can modify or cancel your subscription at anytime. Also, subscription holders receive access to new products before they are released and exclusive Iowa Blue Farm giveaways.